mtu Engines, Energy Packs, and Complete Propulsion Systems

Penske Australia & New Zealand is the exclusive distributor of Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ mtu brand in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. For over 100 years, mtu has been known for the cutting edge innovation and technological leadership that comes with being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines, gas engines, and complete propulsion systems.

mtu's durable engines offer a powerful and reliable solution for yachts, commercial ships and naval vessels, construction and industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, mining, rail and military vehicles, as well as solutions for the energy and oil and gas industry.

mtu's diesel engines and gas engines are capable of power outputs up to 10,000 kW and 2,535 kW respectively, and they also offer customised electronic automation and control units for their engines and propulsion systems.

Why mtu and Penske?

For over 110 years, mtu has provided innovative power solutions to meet even the most demanding of requirements.

This experience is further underpinned by Penske’s long-standing relationship with Rolls-Royce Power Systems and the mtu brand. This results in the delivery of superior Penske engineering solutions that deliver  highly powerful, reliable, and innovative solutions with low total cost of ownership, optimum efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements for customers.

Penske’s Extensive National Service and Support Network

Penske Australia & New Zealand offers a superior service and support network for power systems. Our maintenance programs and preventative measures deliver excellent value for our customers, while our highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians deliver the best of care while minimising turnaround times.

Penske Australia & New Zealand’s aftersales advisors are available throughout our extensive national branch network to assist with aftersales and product support. You’ll never be far from a qualified and experienced engine technician when you choose mtu and Penske.

mtu Industrial Solutions

mtu Lower Power Range

mtu’s lower power range of industrial engines boast high performance, reliability, efficiency, safety and are environmentally friendly.

The broad range of economical industrial diesel engines are ideal for applications ranging from stationary pumping to mobile equipment such as cranes, haul trucks, mining equipment and forestry machinery.

Customised for the off-highway market, mtu’s OM900, OM457, 1000, 1100, 1300, and 1500 engines range in power from 90-480kW are available compliant to EU Stage IIIA, EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V emission certification.

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mtu Diesel Generators

Designed for maximum reliability, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and long service internals, mtu’s range of Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines are used widely across Australia and New Zealand in various applications such as healthcare, data centres, airports, manufacturing plants, and independent power stations.

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mtu EnergyPack Battery Storage Systems

Penske Australia & New Zealand also distributes the mtu EnergyPack battery storage system range. Storing electricity from any distributed power source – such as gensets, wind turbines, or solar panels – mtu’s EnergyPack system delivers it when needed.

Available in three sizes - QS, QM, and QL - mtu EnergyPacks deliver from 40 kVA to 2,000 kVA, and from 70 kWh to 2,600 kWh. Whatever power and capacity you need, the mtu EnergyPack is the perfect storage solution for your energy needs.

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mtu Marine Engines and Propulsion Systems

Powering the largest yachts, the strongest tugboats, and the most powerful ships through its advanced solutions, mtu marine engines and propulsion systems are highly versatile and efficient.


mtu Series 1163 M04 Marine Engine

The new Series 1163 M04 Engine maintains its best-in-class reputation by keeping the features that made its predecessor so successful all the while improving upon the economy of the engine. This engine still offers a better power to weight ratio, smaller design and superior acceleration behaviour when compared to its competitors, but now comes with improved fuel economy, lower lifetime costs and is still IMO II emission regulation compliant.



mtu Series 2000 M06 Marine Engine

The latest generation of the series 2000 is specifically designed to offer outstanding acceleration and performance. With over 55,000 mtu Series 2000 engines sold worldwide, discover an engineering masterpiece in an extremely compact package that offers excellent agility, power, and manoeuvrability.

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mtu Series 4000 Marine Engine

mtu's Series 4000 M05 marine engine comes in a diverse range of options including 8V, 12V, and 16V configurations. With low life-cycle costs, high performance, and ease of maintenance, the Series 4000 engine delivers durability that maintains its best-in-class performance, fuel consumption, and reliability. With over 40,000 marine engines sold worldwide, discover why the mtu Series 4000 is the preferred choice.

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mtu Series 4000 M05-N Pure Gas Marine Engine

A variant of the Series 4000, the M05-N offers diesel performance with gas benefits. Designed with a multipoint gas injection system to enhance the engine’s dynamic acceleration behaviour and double-walled gas fuel lines to ensure no need for additional safety precautions. Our pure gas engine matches the performance and safety of the regular Series 4000. Additionally, the use of gas instead of diesel means lower emissions and a better overall climate footprint.

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mtu Series 8000 Marine Engine

mtu's Series 8,000 engine comes in 16V as well as the classic 20V configuration and produces 10,000kW of power. This compact propulsion engine impresses with its outstanding power-to-weight ratio and unlimited low load operation.

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mtu Marine Generator Sets

mtu gensets form the centrepiece of marine propulsion and onboard power generation. Specifically engineered to offer the highest level of comfort, reliability, cost-efficiency, safety and flexibility, mtu builds gensets for propulsion, onboard power generation and emergency power that fit individual demands exactly. Whether you are looking for onboard power, diesel-electric or hybrid propulsion, mtu gensets meet the full spectrum of your requirements.

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mtu Mining Engines

With immense masses, extreme temperatures and unimaginable tasks, mining has its own laws and challenges. To conquer these, mtu mining engines are powerful, strong, hard, tough, and persevering.

Offering solutions for all emissions requirements as well as a full power range from 75 to 3,000kW (101 to 4,023bhp), mtu engines provide exceptional efficiency, absolute reliability, and uncompromising operational availability, all while setting the standard for what a diesel engine must deliver in both above ground and underground mining applications. Furthermore, low life cycle costs due to effective operation, low fuel consumption, long TBO intervals characterize mtu engines, just as much as their environmentally friendly operation.

Mining vehicles powered by mtu engines deliver higher productivity through being able to carry larger loads and handle steeper terrain than the competition.


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