Hamish Christie-Johnston

Hamish Christie-Johnston is the managing director of Penske Australia & New Zealand including its complete portfolio of on- and off-highway services and solutions.

Ben Buckland

Ben Buckland is the executive general manager of people and culture of Penske Australia & New Zealand.

Craig Lee

Craig Lee is the executive general manager of on-highway at Penske Australia tasked with truck and bus retail and fleet sales, managing truck OEM relationships, on-highway aftersales, on-highway sales administration, and dealer development.

Adrian Beach

Adrian Beach is general manager of Penske Truck Rental/Leasing in Australia, which is a subsidiary of Penske Truck Leasing in the USA.

Brian Wilson

Brian is the general manager at Penske New Zealand, responsible for operations across the three New Zealand branches in Auckland, Tauranga, and Christchurch.

Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly is the general manager of northern region operations overseeing the Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, and Darwin branch operations.

Kimberley Ruddock

Kimberley Ruddock is the general manager of marketing, overseeing all marketing activity across the Penske Australia & New Zealand business.

Roger Gleeson

Roger Gleeson was appointed general manager - defence in October 2018 with over a decade of experience with the organisation.

Steve Turton

Steve Turton is the general manager of energy solutions at Penske Australia, responsible for the delivery of a broad range of solutions for varied power applications, including data centres, prime power applications, microgrids, and more.

Tim Hickman

Tim Hickman is the chief financial officer of Penske Australia & New Zealand and oversees all accounting-related activities, procurement, and commercial matters

Leigh Henderson

Leigh Henderson was appointed chief operating officer on June 1st, 2021 after serving as general manager of western operations at Penske Australia since January 2018.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is the executive general manager of off-highway at Penske Australia & New Zealand

Andrew Kerridge

Andrew Kerridge is the general manager of IT overseeing all technology and cyber security matters across Penske Australia & New Zealand.


Greg Dobe

Greg Dobe was appointed general manager - remanufacturing in October 2018. In March 2020, he was tasked with the additional responsibility of leading the production team.

John Delany

John Delany is the general manager of the eastern region at Penske Australia.

Lee Shillam

Lee Shillam

Lee Shillam joined Penske Australia in 2021 as general manager, western & southern operations, leading our branch operations in WA, SA, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Shane Fabian

Shane Fabian is the general manager of parts at Penske Australia & New Zealand responsible for the complete parts supply chain of the business.

Tanya Myint

Tanya Myint is the general manager of legal and governance for Penske Australia & New Zealand, as well as the company secretary for all Australian subsidiaries.