Rail Power Systems

Penske New Zealand supplies Rolls-Royce Power Systems' mtu brand of drive solutions for rail vehicles rated up to 3,300 kW. Our services include the provision of rail traction engines, control systems, and under-floor power packs. Coupled with extensive aftersales maintenance and support, including the mtu ValueCare range of agreements for products and services, Penske Australia & New Zealand offers comprehensive and customised support to meet your unique needs and keep you rolling.

The popular mtu Series 4000 diesel engine for locomotive and train set applications is EU IIIB certified, boasting impressive environmental credentials. Featuring low emissions, noise, and vibration levels, along with low fuel consumption and high power to weight ratios, mtu’s Series 4000 engine is both clean and economical.

Compact, complete, and efficient, mtu power packs are a well-established railcar drive system with Series 1800 and 1600 diesel engines for underfloor applications. Furthermore, the hybrid  power pack, which was built on the success of the power pack, is equipped with additional components and functionalities in order to integrate hybrid technology. The mtu hybrid concept consists of a modular kit with a variety of drive elements. It satisfies all existing railway standards and can be arranged according to customer specifications.

Penske Australia & New Zealand's engineering team designs, delivers, and installs complete traction system solutions for new applications and re-powers including engines, transmissions, alternators, and other peripheral equipment. Re-powering is the economical alternative to the purchase of new locomotives. Repowering delivers low operating and maintenance costs, cleaner, quieter movement, and increased uptime and reliability.

The outstanding reputation of our rail engines and traction systems is based on their advanced environmental technology, maximum economy, exceptional reliability, and availability throughout service life.

The combination of Penske Australia & New Zealand’s expertise with the mtu product portfolio exceed the highest quality standards, making us the first choice for any application.

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