Truck Parts


Penske Distribution Centre

Located in Wacol, QLD, our state-of-the-art Penske Distribution Centre comprises a total floor area of 20,000 sq metres and has an inventory of over 1.3 million parts.

Our efficient picking and packing processes ensure we are able to meet high levels of performance and effectiveness, achieving an on-time dispatch of 99.9% and an accuracy rate of 99.87%. From our operations through to the vehicles you drive, we are committed to you.


mtu's premium range of genuine parts and lubricants is expertly formulated to enhance efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and extends the life of your engine

Mixed fleet applications including construction & industrial, mining, marine, power generation, agriculture, rail, oil & gas and defence.


Detroit's genuine parts and a range of long-life heavy-duty engine oils, developed to factory specifications, are formulated to meet the most demanding applications where performance is key on-highway applications.



PowerCool coolants are formulated to provide maximum engine and cooling system protection. A range of blends is available including glycol free, pre-mixed and concentrate solutions.

Ideal for light, medium and heavy-duty diesel applications.



Donaldson: Innovative heavy-duty filtration solutions including air, oil, fuel and coolant filters designed to keep your engine running longer, cleaner and more efficiently.

Ideal for mobile equipment, on-highway and heavy-duty off-highway vehicle applications.


Xtrans manual (18 speed) and automatic (4-7 speed) exchange transmissions built using genuine and remanufactured parts.

Built to support a range of transport, commercial vehicle and off-highway applications including drill rigs, dump trucks, mine service vehicles and tooling.


Sauer Compressors' premium range of genuine spare parts reduce maintenance costs, extend operational life and ensure market leadership in reliability.

All-makes: Penske Australia also has access to a wide range of popular all-makes products. Please contact us for further information about our parts.