Product and Safety Data Sheets

PowerCool Coolant

PowerCool Catalogue - Off-Highway

PowerCool Catalogue - On-Highway

Penske PowerCool DTK Method Card

PowerCool Coolant Test Record

SDS PowerCool N1 & N2 Reagent

SDS Eurol - Hykrol HLP ISO 68

SDS 3M Scotch-Weld EC-9323 BA Part A

SDS 3M Scotch-Weld EC-9323 BA Part B

TDS Detroit PowerCool Premix

SDS Detroit PowerCool Premix

SDS PowerCool Plus Extended Life

PDS PowerCool Plus Radiator Flush and Cleansing Solutions

SDS PowerCool Flush

SDS PowerCool GF9443 Engine Coolant

SDS PowerCool HB500NF Coolant 50 Per Cent Premix

SDS Powercool GF9477-C Coolant Superconcentrate

SDS PowerCool HB500NF Coolant Concentrate

SDS PowerCool HB800 Engine Coolant 50 Per Cent Premix

SDS PowerCool HB800 Premix Coolant

SDS PowerCool HB850PG Coolant 50 Per Cent Premix

SDS RecoCool Radiator Flush and Clean

SDS PowerCool GF9443-Si Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool GF9443 Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool GF9477-C Coolant Concentrate

PDS PowerCool HB500-NF Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool HB500-NF Coolant Concentrate

PDS PowerCool HB800 35%

PDS PowerCool HB800 50/50 Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool HB850 PG Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool DDC Premix Coolant

PDS PowerCool Plus Extended Life

Power Guard Lubricant

On Highway

Detroit Performance Plus FE (API FA4, 10W-30)

TDS Detroit Performance Plus FE

SDS Detroit Performance Plus FE

Detroit Platinum Plus 1300 (API CK-4, 15W-40)

TDS Detroit Platinum Plus

SDS Detroit Platinum Plus

Detroit Premium Plus (API CI-4, 15W40)

TDS Detroit Premium Plus

SDS Detroit Premium Plus

Detroit Classic, 2-Cycle (API CF-2, Monograde)

TDS Detroit Classic CF2

SDS Detroit Classic CF2

Off Highway


TDS mtu Premium SAE40

SDS mtu Power Guard DEO SAE40

CI-4 15W/40

TDS mtu Premium 15W40

SDS mtu DEO 15W-40 Ultra

Xtrans Black

SDS XTrans Mineral Manual Transmission Fluid

SDS XTrans Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid

SDS Titan Universal HD 30


3M Scotch-Weld(TM) Vinyl Adhesive 1099

3M™ Aluminium foil tape

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EC-9323-2 BA Black Kitt

Hakuform 30-15 Schmierfett

Hakutex 111 cold cleaning agent

International Compound 2

Loctite 510

Loctite 4090 PART A

Loctite 4090 PART B

Loctite SI 5970 BK CR300ML FRNL

Molykote(R) G-N Plus Paste

OIL 9156

Optimal Paste White T

Pencool 3000

Penray need release filter NF2088

Renolit CX-EP 2

Tectyl™ 846-K-19


SDS RDP Engine degreaser Heavy Duty

SDS RDP Glass Cleaner

SDS RDP Hand Cleaner

SDS RDP Brake cleaner

SDS RDP Truck Wash Premium

SDS RDP Truck Wash Wax

SDS RDP Tyre Gloss

SDS RDP Vinyl Guard

SDS RDP Windscreen Washer Additive