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Penske Australia specialises in the design, installation, service, and support of complete power solutions for mining applications. We provide a comprehensive range of mtu power solution products for mining applications ranging from 75 to 3,000 kW

Highly reliable and powerful, Rolls-Royce Power Systems' mtu brand of engines sets the standard for mining applications around the globe. These robust engines thrive in our demanding Australian conditions, ensuring maximum equipment uptime. Whatever the environment, mtu engines achieve a tremendous amount of torque from low engine speeds, delivering maximum power and results.

Furthermore, the highly advanced mtu technology sets the benchmark for low cost of ownership. Coupling fuel efficiency, resulting from intelligent engine management that includes a common rail injection system, and advanced diesel engine control (ADEC), with low-maintenance, and a long time between overhauls (TBO), mtu delivers exceptional cost benefits while maximising performance.

mtu's technology doesn’t stop at engines. Driven by your engine’s data, mtu’s innovative digital solutions such as the ‘Go! Act’ and ‘Go! Manage’ apps transport your engine’s performance to your fingertips. With intelligent troubleshooting and proactive failure prevention, mtu’s digital platforms ensure your engine maintains superior performance.

Penske Australia supplies  engines for a wide range of mining applications including:

  • Mining dump trucks
  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Mining truck parts
  • Drilling rigs
  • Full range of power drive units
  • Utility vehicles, and more!

Penske Australia also works closely with mine operators to repower existing machinery as an economically-sound alternative to the procurement of new machinery. Penske Australia’s expertise in repowers results in timely and straightforward conversions, while compact mtu engines generally fit easily within existing engine bays.

With comprehensive support from PenskeAustralia's extensive national network, customers receive the best of care, ensuring their equipment is well maintained and continues to operate optimally for years to come.

Continually refined, mtu engine designs are well proven within mining applications delivering reliable, powerful solutions that make economic sense and maximise the uptime of the equipment that drives your business.

Discover the difference and learn more about the specific engine specs below:


Our Mining Engine Brands

We are the sole distributor of mtu products and services in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. For over 100 years, mtu has been known for cutting edge innovation and technological leadership. mtu belongs to the Rolls-Royce Power Systems family of brands.


mtu Mining Engines

Among the mtu products we offer, we sell the leading diesel engine, the mtu Series 4000. First released in 1996, the common rail fuel injection was a decade ahead of its competitors, and still is. Specifically designed to have powerful, universally deployable and efficient engines, the mtu Series 4000 is suitable for a variety of mining and mine power solution needs.


DEUTZ Diesel and Gas Mining Engines

DEUTZ diesel and gas engines are suitable for a range of mining, power generation, and industrial purposes. Penske Australia is a long term distributor in Australia, with branches across the country.


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