Dennis Eagle is a market leader in refuse collection vehicles that are specifically designed to meet the wide range of applications that comprise this rapidly expanding market.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and distributed by Penske Australia & New Zealand, Dennis Eagle is one of Europe's biggest specialist vehicle manufacturers.

Equipping customers with the required technologies to stay ahead of changing demands while providing exceptional performance, the local Dennis Eagle line-up is based on the Elite 6 chassis and has been adapted and refined to meet the demands of Australian & New Zealand conditions.

Why Dennis Eagle Trucks

Trucks Made Specifically for the Refuse Market

In 2022, the Elite 6 Dennis Eagle chassis was unveiled to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Specifically designed for the refuse industry, the low-entry cab combined with a superior window and mirror visibility package yields an unmatched overall solution.

One of the Safest Choices on the Market

A key characteristic of the Dennis Eagle range is the integration of excellent safety features such as one-step entry and exit cabs, tall and wide door openings, true flat floors, large glass areas for maximum visibility, well-positioned grab handles, and an adaptable mirror package. These all contribute to Dennis Eagle being one of the safest choices on the market.

Extensive National Service and Support Network

Penske Australia & New Zealand offers superior service and support for Dennis Eagle trucks. Our maintenance programs and preventative measures deliver excellent value for our customers, while our highly skilled, factory-trained technicians provide a wealth of experience, optimising the care of your asset.

Dennis Eagle Elite 6 Truck Configurations Available


Building on Dennis Eagle’s unrivalled experience in the waste industry, the Elite 6 boasts a workstation that suits the needs and wellbeing of refuse collection vehicles (RCV) drivers and crews.

Dennis Eagle has improved the safety of drivers, crews, and everyone around the RCV, as well as the vehicle’s operational efficiency. But above all, the Elite 6 has been ergonomically refined to give the driver more control than ever before.

Major developments in design and comfort marks the Elite 6 as the next generation of refuse collection vehicles for an ever-demanding industry.

Enhanced, refined, and ergonomically redesigned, the Elite 6 cab is based on its highly acclaimed predecessor, the Elite 2.

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