Penske Australia is the strategic partner of Sauer Compressors and distributes Sauer products in Australia and New Zealand, exclusively in the defence and commercial shipping markets.


As one of the global market and technology leaders in the development and production of high-pressure compressors, systems and accessories for navies, air forces and armies, Sauer Compressors delivers top-of-the-line compressor systems for military applications.

In the naval sector, Sauer Compressors has established itself as the leading provider for high-pressure compressor systems. Starting as supplier to the German Navy, Sauer quickly gained a worldwide reputation as a reliable manufacturer of naval compressors. Nowadays, 55+ navies worldwide rely on Sauer compressors.

Sauer also offers compressor solutions for land-based operations in a variety of defence contexts, including naval ports and air force bases and for ground troops. These highly flexible Sauer compressors are available in a range of design options to meet your specific requirements – whether you want a particular colour scheme or require certification to military standards.

Commercial Shipping

Ocean-going shipping has stringent quality and reliability requirements. Sauer Compressors has been fulfilling them for more than 130 years. Not only are Sauer's starting- and working-air compressors among the most modern and most economic compressors available on the market; they have proven their reliability under the most demanding operational conditions.

Why Sauer Compressors?

With a rich 130 year history and over 80 years of experience in compressed air technology, Sauer Compressors is a market leader that specialises is compressor technology for defence and commercial shipping applications.

Whether you require a high pressure compressor, gas tight and oil free compressor or a naval compressor, Sauer has a range of standard products and customised solutions to suit your needs.

Extensive national service and support network

Penske Australia offers one of the best service and support networks for power systems in the country. Our maintenance programs and preventative measures deliver excellent value for our customers, while our highly skilled, factory-trained technicians deliver the best of care while minimising turnaround times. Penske Australia’s aftersales advisers are available throughout our extensive national branch network to assist with aftersales and product support. You’ll never be far from a qualified and experienced engine technician when you choose Sauer Compressors.

Compressors for Naval Marine Applications

As the market leader in naval applications, Sauer’s naval compressors offer lightweight, compact designs that are quiet and create minimal vibration. They’re extremely reliable, with low service intervals and are shockproof.

With over 55 navies across the world relying on Sauer’s high-pressure, medium-pressure, low-pressure and non-magnetic compressors for their surface vessels and submarines, Sauer Compressors and Penske Australia understand the unique requirements that differentiate naval compressors from industrial and other applications.

Whether you require a centralised high-pressure air system for submarines or surface vessels, breathing-air compressors or simply a high-pressure naval compressor contact Penske Australia for your defence and commercial shipping compressor needs. With Sauer, you'll be covered.

Sauer WP5000 Naval Compressor

The Sauer WP5000 Naval Compressor is the culmination of over 60 years of naval compressor expertise and research. The WP5000 is shockproof, generates minimal noise and is unbelievably compact while still delivering up to a max of 200 m³/h charging capacity.

Compressors for Commercial Shipping

Sauer offers both starting and working air compressors for commercial shipping that meet all the stringent reliability and quality requirements of the industry. Sauer Compressors offer lower operating temperatures and reduced installation time and maintenance costs, making them some of the most affordable and modern compressors on the market. With over 130 years of experience, you can guarantee that their compressors are proven to reliably perform under even the most demanding operational conditions.

3 Stage Air-Cooled Compressors

Before the introduction of 3 Stage Air-Cooled Compressors, Air-cooled compressors used to be limited to 80 m³/h due to the high compression temperatures of over 250°C. This innovation led to reduced temperatures of under 170°C and making effective cooling by air possible.

Sauer offers two types of 3-stage air-cooled compressors which have become the industry standard in commercial shipping and lead the market through dependable quality and reliability.

Levante 3-stage Air-Cooled Starting-Air compressor

The Levante 3 Stage Starting Air Compressor has a compact design that allows it to easily fit into any engine room. Exclusively developed for the maritime industry the Levante has an extended capacity range of between 360 and 460 m³/h. With a highly efficient cooling arrangement, low vibrations due to superior mass balance and a state-of-the-art human interface, the Levante Air Compressor is a game-changing solution for the commercial shipping industry.

Passat 3-stage Air-Cooled Starting-Air compressor

A best seller for years, the Passat 3 Stage Air Compressor has high performance valves that mean long maintenance intervals and unmatched reliability. With a capacity of up to 270 m³/h and minimal vibration through the W-shaped 3 cylinder compression system, the Passat Air-cooled air compressor offers high operational efficiency with minimal interference to the comfort of the crew and other ship components.

2-stage starting-air compressors

Suitable for even the harshest of ambient conditions, Sauer 2 stage compressors are reliable and safe in temperatures up to 60 celsius. Robust, dependable and low-maintenance, over a thousand Sauer 2-stage starting air compressors are sold every year because they’re simply that good.

Mistral series 2-stage air-cooled starting-air compressor

Sauer’s Mistral compressors stand out for their high dependability, strong safety record and low maintenance & installation costs thanks to standard features such as integrated flexible coupling, high-performance 3-phase A.C motors and low re-cooling temperatures. With a capacity of up to 80 m³/h, you’ll find the Mistral Compressor in a lot of vessels used for everyday shipping applications.

Typhoon series 2-stage water-cooled starting-air compressors

Suitable for both fresh and salt water operations, the Typhoon Water Cooled Compressor is an extremely reliable and efficient option for when an air-cooled compressor would be unsuitable. The replaceable and easy to monitor CuNiFe cooling inserts ensure the safe operation of this unit and easy maintenance, further enhanced by integrated flexible coupling. Offering a charging capacity of up to 440 m³/h, the Typhoon series is a leader in its class.

Oil-free and Gas-tight Compressors

Sauer also offers a range of oil-free piston compressors that are ideal for demanding applications requiring maximum process purity and safety.

Their dry-running compressors are entirely oil-free to prevent contamination and provide hermetic gas-tightness. With a customisable, modular design they can achieve pressures of up to 1–450 barg and offer unmatched performance.