Defence Power Solutions

Penske Australia & New Zealand works closely with the defence sector to provide customised propulsion and power generation solutions, along with life of type logistic support for defence combatants.

Over 3,000 mtu and Detroit engines, Allison transmissions, and Sauer Compressors products operate within the Australian & New Zealand Defence Forces. This economy of scale has optimised life cycle costs while maintaining fleet availability to meet the specialised requirements of the Australian & New Zealand Defence Forces.

Our full range of diesel engines are rated from 75 to 9,000 kW for use in patrol boats, frigates, and other maritime platforms as well as armoured and tactical vehicles. Renowned for their reliability, simple operation, ease of maintenance and low life cycle costs, mtu engines are ideal for defence applications.

Penske Australia & New Zealand also provides custom ship automation systems with components for monitoring and control, as well as fully embedded onboard training, and maintenance and battle damage control.

Penske Australia & New Zealand understands the complexities of the defence acquisition and logistic support methodology and has a proven track record of providing highly specialised and customised solutions that meet the demands of defence operations.

Roger Gleeson

General Manager - Defence

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Eden McGrath

Project & Planning Manager

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New Zealand