Penske Australia is the strategic partner of Sauer Compressors and distributes Sauer products in Australia and New Zealand, exclusively in the defence and commercial shipping markets.


As one of the global market and technology leaders in the development and production of high-pressure compressors, systems and accessories for navies, air forces and armies, Sauer Compressors delivers top-of-the-line compressor systems for military applications.

In the naval sector Sauer Compressors has established itself as the leading provider for high-pressure compressor systems. Starting as supplier to the German Navy, Sauer quickly gained a worldwide reputation as a reliable manufacturer of naval compressors. Nowadays, 55+ navies worldwide rely on Sauer compressors.

Sauer also offers compressor solutions for land-based operations in a variety of defence contexts, e.g. at naval ports and air force bases and for ground troops. These highly flexible Sauer compressors are available in a range of design options and are certified to military standards.


Commercial Shipping

Sauer Compressors has been fulfilling the stringent quality and reliability requirements required by Ocean-going ships for more than 130 years. Sauer's starting and working air compressors are among the most modern and most economic compressors available on the market and they have proven their reliability under the most demanding operational conditions.