Detroit Plaza the Place To Be at Brisbane Truck Show

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May 10, 2023
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September 4, 2023

Detroit is stepping up its Brisbane Truck Show outing this year with the ‘Detroit Plaza’ terrace bar take-over.

Serving up tasty eats, ice-cold drinks, and with plenty of giveaways on offer, the Detroit Plaza is the perfect place for show-goers to rest and refresh. A Detroit DD13 Gen 5 engine, which can be found powering the all-new Western Star 47X and 48X models, will also be on display at Detroit Plaza.

Inside the main hall, attendees will find DD13 and DD16 engines on the Freightliner stand (no. 44)  and a DD16 engine and DT12 transmission on the Western Star stand (no. 54).

“The DD13, DD13 Gen 5, and DD16 engines take efficiency and performance to the next level while building upon the legendary Detroit heavy-duty engine legacy,” said Bob Gowans, Detroit business manager at Penske Australia.

“And the automated manual DT12 transmission makes the driver’s life easy without any compromise on performance or reliability.”

Powering the Freightliner Cascadia 116, the DD13 offers flexible options for horsepower and torque in a package that provides great fuel economy. Delivering 450-505 hp and 1,650-1,850 lb-ft of torque, the 13L engine features a three-stage integrated Jacobs engine brake, a proprietary asymmetric turbocharger for outstanding performance and reliability, and is GHG17 compliant.

Found under the hood of the Western Star 47X and 48X, the DD13 Gen 5 offers the latest diesel engine technology for even greater performance and reliability. Delivering 450-525 hp and 1,550-1,850 lb-ft of torque, the 13L engine features a new swirl piston design for better combustion, new turbocharger for responsive performance, improved thermal management for fewer regens, extended DPF service intervals, further fuel efficiency improvements, and is GHG21 compliant.

The biggest, most powerful truck engine ever built by Detroit, the DD16 powers the Freightliner Cascadia 126, Western Star 48X, and Western Star 49X. With up to 2,050 lb-ft and 600 hp, the DD16 tackles the most challenging jobs with outstanding power, reliability, and fuel economy. The 16L DD16 features turbo compounding to recover heat from the exhaust, transforming lost potential into bonus power and a wide, flat torque curve that pulls strongly all the way down below 1,000 rpm.

Complimenting Detroit’s portfolio of highly efficient, reliable, and powerful engines is the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission. Subjected to over 35 million miles of testing, the DT12 AMT is globally proven in a range of challenging applications. Available in DT12-OV and DT12-OVX variants, the 12-speed transmission boasts rock-free and off-road functions in addition to the on-highway focussed economy and performance modes. It also includes a power launch feature and has side and rear power take-off (PTO) capabilities.

“Both the DD13 and DD13 Gen 5 are designed to deliver exceptional fuel economy and a weight advantage of almost 200 kg over the previous generation DD15 while offering the sort of power and torque normally only seen in the 15-litre engine class,” he said.

“The DD16 in the X-Series features a completely revised after-treatment system while retaining the turbo-compounding technology that has proven extremely reliable in local Australian conditions over the last decade.

“Meeting the latest GHG21 fuel economy standards, the DD13 Gen 5 and DD16 are among the cleanest in the world, conforming to the US EPA-10 emissions standard, as well as being ready for the upcoming Australian ADR-80/04 regulation.”