500th Dennis Eagle Truck Delivered to Cleanaway

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Cleanaway received its 500th Dennis Eagle ‘Elite’ refuse collection vehicle in Melbourne last week delivered by Penske Commercial Vehicles and its Melbourne dealer, Westar Truck Centre.

Boasting a five-star direct vision standard (DVS) rating, as recognised by Transport for London, the inherent safety features of the Dennis Eagle ‘Elite 2’ chassis focus on maximising the protection of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

With a relationship spanning almost a decade, Cleanaway utilises the specialist low-entry Dennis Eagle trucks to provide commercial and municipal waste and recycling collection services. The first Dennis Eagle unit delivered to Cleanaway was back in 2011 to the Tullamarine depot, with the 500th unit earmarked for the Geelong region.

Comprising a 4,850 mm wheelbase and dual controls, the ‘Elite 2’ boasts the safety features that Dennis Eagle is renowned for including a one-step entry and exit cab, tall and wide door openings, true flat floors, walk-through cabin, and a high-visibility mirror package.

“Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to foster a relationship with Cleanaway that is based on a mutual understanding of what Dennis Eagle offers and what Cleanaway requires,” said Shannon Mair, National Fleet Sales Manager, Penske Commercial Vehicles.

“A market leader in refuse collection vehicles, Dennis Eagle is one of the safest choices on the market.

“Our vehicles are designed specifically for waste collection duties in an urban environment, and our product offering is well-regarded.”

The driver’s work environment is also of paramount importance to Cleanaway.

“Our experienced team of drivers appreciate the single step ingress and egress as well as the walk-through cabin which allows them to safely exit the vehicle on the kerb side of the road,” said Matthew McKenzie, General Manager, Solid Waste Services Victoria, Cleanaway.

“Through the trusted relationship Cleanaway has built with the Dennis Eagle brand over the years, the product we receive seamlessly integrates into our fleet.

“This vehicle for Geelong City Council is also fitted with Cleanaway’s Cleanaview application which adds even more safety features with seven cameras to give our drivers better visibility of their surrounds.

“Cleanaview can also improve recycling rates by identifying contamination in the bin before it’s tipped. This reduces contamination being mixed with good quality recycling and allows us to better educate communities about how to recycle correctly.”

Penske Commercial Vehicles is also providing product familiarisation and training for drivers, and service and maintenance training for Cleanaway maintenance teams to ensure the fleet is always running at its best.

Additionally, the well-proven drivetrain from Cummins and Allison Transmission gives peace of mind that the product will maximise its performance far beyond the contract term.

Matthew McKenzie, General Manager, Solid Waste Services Victoria, Cleanaway (left) with Shannon Mair, National Fleet Sales Manager, Penske Commercial Vehicles (right).
500th Dennis Eagle truck delivered to Cleanaway