Budget takes delivery of first TGM 6×2 Rigid models

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April 1, 2013
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July 28, 2013

The positive experience that Budget has had with their fleet of MAN Prime Mover’s has seen the three Melbourne Budget franchisees take delivery of six new TGM 23.290 6x2 models.

“Our existing MAN prime movers have proved excellent in terms of reliability, comfort and popularity with our customers. This in turn gave us the confidence to look at acquiring some additional MAN 6x2 models,” said Budget franchisee Paul Wheelton (OAM).

“The other benefit we have seen recently from our MAN Prime Movers is their excellent resale value,” Paul said.

Paul owns seven Budget franchises in Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs, along with four franchises on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Paul has had a long association with Budget in Australia, having previously held the position of Chief Accountant of Corporate Budget.

Paul will take delivery of two of the new MAN’s, whilst the other four will be split between the two other Melbourne Budget franchisees, Rob Payne and Phil Maloney.

Paul’s trucks have side curtains that promote two charities that Paul has involvement with; ‘The Pied Pipers’ who raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal and the police ‘Blue Ribbon Foundation’.

“Both these charities have limited funds for brand building - these truck curtains, which act as mobile billboards, will really help raise the awareness and profile of these two most worthwhile organisations,” Paul added.

Paul plans to make the trucks available to both charities to provide support for their key fund raising periods during the year.

“An important feature of these new MAN’s is the fact that they come standard with MAN’s 12 speed TipMatic transmission. An automatic transmission simplifies the transition from what may be an unfamiliar truck, and provides customers with a more relaxed, easier driving experience whilst ensuring less wear and tear on the trucks,” Paul went onto say.

“The other key attraction of the TGM models like all MAN’s is the 60,000km service intervals. This naturally minimises servicing costs and crucially allows us to offer our renters longer rental periods before the truck needs to be returned for servicing,” Paul said.