MAN Introduces EBA as Standard in New Zealand

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October 8, 2018
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November 1, 2018

Further to Penske New Zealand’s recent announcement of the addition of adaptive cruise control to MAN’s safety package, Penske New Zealand is also now supplying emergency brake assist (EBA) to all TGS and TGX premium and elite specification vehicles.

Factory orders placed for MAN TGS and TGX trucks (premium and elite specification models) will now include EBA which uses radar sensor in the front bumper and a camera on the windscreen of the truck to detect when the truck may collide with an object in front.

Permanently active, EBA uses radar to calculate the distance, speed, and angle of object in front. While the camera detects lanes and sees objects ahead. The camera and radar compare the data they receive and together provide a more effective safety package than systems that rely solely on one source for object detection.

The system also utilises data such as the position of the accelerator and brake pedals, the speed of the vehicle, and the use of the indicators.

“MAN is renowned for producing high performance, efficient, and safe vehicles that are cost effective. And EBA is a great example of how MAN does this,” said Dean Hoverd, national sales manager – trucks, Penske New Zealand.

“The EBA system uses the latest technologies to improve safety for truck occupants as well as the larger community.”

Benefitting from advanced German engineering, MAN’s EBA system detects a potential incident, alerts the driver via a warning tone, displays a flashing alert on the dashboard, and mutes the radio and hands-free system. Torque is decreased and brake lights are activated.

If driver brakes or changes lanes, the EBA system does not intervene and the truck continues to travel as it was.

However if driver does not react, then the EBA intervenes, activating the brakes, while continuing to warn the driver. The hazard lights are also activated to warn vehicles behind if the emergency brake is applied by the EBA.

“Not only hugely important in high speed areas, the highly-intelligent EBA system also provides critical assistance in low-speed areas,” said Hoverd.

“In built-up areas where drivers are active behind the wheel, the EBA system warns the driver and applies the brakes later than it normally would at high speed, to allow for highly populated areas.

“The EBA system really does provide peace of mind for drivers behind the wheel, and gives MAN a great advantage in the market.”

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